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We are always on the lookout for guest authors that are able to share insights, opinions, and content that are as well researched as they are well written.We’d love to hear about you and your work to provide a good knowledge base to the audience.

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Benefits of contributing at Fitness Manic

Increase writing experience

Our editors team will help you to enhance your writing experience.Write on any fitness topic and share your experience with decent value. We’d be honored to have you sharing your thoughts for global fitness seekers.

Become a permanent contributor

If we enjoy your writing skills, there might be the chance to become a regular contributor. This means more exposure for you as well as a chance to earn  cash sometimes.

Enhance your portfolio

Whether you’re just a beginner as a writer or possess years of experience, then becoming a contributor within a worldwide recognized platform such as Fitness Manic is very good for the CV.

Helps to get more exposure

If you want to have your  name before a worldwide audience, then Fitnessmanic brings more than one million users annually from throughout the planet.

How to get published on Fitness Manic?

01Use original content every time

The content that is submitted has to be original, and you will have the permission to use it, along with all extracts and quotes have to be credited correctly.If you want a green light from us, send us plagiarism free articles. Sharing someone else’s ideas can lead to your author account suspension.


02Should be free of errors

Your submission will be considered to publish only if it is free of any grammatical errors.Send us the grammatical error free content and increase the chances to get your content published without delay. Alteration can be done from our side but we expect a perfect writing from you.


03Should be more than 800 words

The acceptable and minimum number of words should be800. Any submissions with less than 800 words will be ignored.We think the expected number of words will be full of information that interests our audience and also helps to get indexed by Search Engine.


04Not be promotional

You may add your website’s link, but, also your entry material must not include things like promotional content or even become advertorial. This usually means no affiliate hyperlinks . Don’t Forget, This is all about assisting the creator community.


05Proper formatting and styling

The content should be in an arranged formatting and styling. Make use of proper vector images and alignment.The idea and structure of the post should be clear. Visual support and pointers are some qualities of good content.

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