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Determine the due date of your pregnancy with the ease at you home

Pregnancy can be detected either by using pregnancy tests, or by the woman herself noticing a number of symptoms. This pregnancy calculator lets you know the estimated date on your delivery and prepares you for the arrival of your newborn baby.

Knowing your due date is important in many ways.

01Tracking fertilized egg development

Your physician believes which week of pregnancy you’re into to find out whether the pregnancy and also fertilized egg growth are going nicely or if there is any issue. The same thing you can guess with a pregnancy calculator.


02Tests scheduling

There are some important tests that need to be done during a specific time period. For example, an ultrasound couldn’t be done before six weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, pregnancy calculators help us to schedule a particular test during pregnancy.


03Save massive amount of time

Pregnancy calculators save unnecessary visits to the doctor to find out how much time is remaining for pregnancy, and when to schedule a particular pregnancy test. It is fast, reliable and helps in pregnancy management. Therefore, a lot of time can be saved.


04Pregnancy Calculator is much cheaper

Pregnancy Calculator is much cheaper as compared to other due date instruments. No additional costs are required to use this tool.You don’t need to buy it from anywhere. Just a visit to the website and that’s it. Eliminate your travel cost to shop and purchase price.


05How many weeks are you in?

Input very first your last period, and we’re going to let you know how much as you’re now. If you would like to learn just how far along you may be following a sure date, then enter the date and we’ll calculate how many weeks you are in.

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