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Ovulation Calculator

Predict the most fertile day and increase your chances to get pregnant.

Ovulation Calculator helps you to evaluate the most probable fertile date based on the average length of your menstrual cycle and last period date.

Why should you trust an Ovulation Calculator?


There’s not any such thing as an “accuracy” ovulation calculator or calendar. By definition, they have been primarily based on averages. What you would like within an ovulation calendar isn’t a true, special date however a great generous wide range. That way, you do not need to worry about the calculator telling you that you’re prosperous too early or too late.


02Easy to Use

Our easy-to-use Ovulation Calculator below will help you predict your prime time for conceiving a baby. Based on the few general information, you can get to know when you should be ready for the fertile moment.


03Know the best time to try to get pregnant

Are you trying to get pregnant? Nobody should let you know the way to get it done, but you might require a little help finding out when to do it. The Brief response: The very best time to conceive is around the time you ovulate. Ovulation Calculator helps you to know the best time when you can try to get pregnant.


04Track the Ovulation time

Ovulation usually takes place about 10 to 16 days until the beginning of your next phase, so it can help to understand your cycle length before you begin trying to conceive. As a first measure, mark in your ovulation calendar the dates which you bleed through a time. You may then count the number of days out of the initial day of your time to another phase to determine the period of your bicycle.


05Improve the chances of having baby

Along with calculating your fertile days, this calculator also makes it possible to improve your odds of having a woman or a boy by selecting either woman or boy or from default girl/boy from the drop-down menu. After our recommendations can enhance your odds of getting one or another, even though it’s not 100% positive.

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