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25 Jul, 2020

Higher lithium levels might help to stop suicide

An analysis of pooled data from 15 population studies round the world suggests that higher levels of trace lithium — a metal utilized in some psychiatric medicines — publicly beverage is related to lower rates of suicide. Lithium is primarily prescribed by doctors to assist stabilize the moods of individuals with manic depression and to scale back their risk of suicide.Most rocks contain trace amounts of the element. Weathering washes it into groundwater and standing water, which is how the chemical finds its way into the general public water system

18 Jul, 2020

Bond between different odors are computing in the brain

A study by neurobiologists at Harvard Medical School suggests new insights into the mystery of scent. The researcher explains for the first time how odors are encoded in the olfactory cortex i.e main part of the brain responsible for sense smell. During this study which is done by machine learning, it’s analyzed sensory neurons in the nose to find color molecules and gave the signal to the cortex for more comprehensive processing. Also from research, it found that neural representation were flexible.

11 Jul, 2020

Shrinking of world population after Mid-Century

As per studies world population will reach a maximum in 2064 i.e around 9.7 Billion. It will decrease to 8.8 billion by 2100 which is less than previous estimates. Modern contraception and better education of women will affect the fertility rate of the world. This means that populations will decline due to less fertility rates. We have high pressure on health and social support due to the increasing number of aging population and impact on global power attached to the world population.

4 Jul, 2020

Mind basic components in mental issues

While analysts have recently recognized cerebrum basic marks related with individual neurological maladies utilizing methods, for example, attractive reverberation imaging (MRI), a group of researchers has now contrasted information from numerous investigations with discovering mind basic variations from the norm shared between four distinctive neuropsychiatric conditions. The scientists additionally discovered cerebrum marks that were novel to singular conditions.

27 Jun, 2020

Study identifies unique cells which will drive lung fibrosis

This is one among the primary comprehensive looks at lung cells employing a technology called single-cell RNA sequencing. Instead of examining a mash-up of the many cells from a tissue sample, single-cell sequencing allowed researchers during this study to closely examine the individual cells that structure the lungs; to spot their function, and ultimately understand the molecular changes which will be driving the disease.

20 Jun, 2020

Critical premature step of the visual procedure uncovered

The key components of electrical connections between light receptors within the eye and therefore the impact of those connections on the primary steps of signal processing are identified for the first time, consistent with research published today in Science Advances by The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth).To understand fully how the sunshine receptors, called photoreceptors, impact the first stages of the method of vision.

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