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About us

We would like to assist you to live a fit and healthy way of life! We do so by assisting you to discover the most acceptable advice to live a fighting fit living, save your unwanted spending on health problems, and fitness goals in mind. We stock a wide range of knowledge guides with unique solutions to the fitness industry. Whatever the fitness goal in your life, Fitness Manic offers a simple solution to each problem. We have designed an outstanding winning formula to help you overcome fitness challenges. We believe that there is nothing important than health and wellness in life.







Our values

We feel that developing a constructive culture in the fitness sector is remarkably important. When seeking more information about Total Fitness, you’ll find that we make it easier for you to develop a habit of fitness goals.

01 Integrity

We’re sincere and uncompromising in our commitment to doing the proper thing. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical criteria. We consider honesty and trust our main values. For us, integrity is more than being trustworthy and through this we want to build more trust on us.


02 Responsibility

We understand our responsibility very well and hold that to achieve greatness beyond expectation. We shared accountability and acceptance of personal responsibility while dealing with decision making and sharing the right information.


03 Understanding

We’re devoted to respect and enhance the lifestyles of the communities we serve with empathy and attention. We have to be affectionate, show respect and empathy for our coworkers, and consistently do the job with the sake of the communities we all serve.


04 Trust

Our values are truly based on trust where we provide the right information to visitors and patients. We are completely transparent and open to our customers. We always try to provide the right set of information in order to maintain your trust in us.


05 Teamwork

Achieving common aims through honest and open conversation. We respect consideration of each other and encourage attempts of everyone. We offer encouragement and opportunity to help our clients reach their potential. Workers of Fitness Manic would be the engine of value creation, our creativity, determination and commitment are vital to the development of our firm.

Our Mission

To develop long-lasting relationships with presenting the optimal customer care and also the ideal assortment of fitness solutions. Most of this may be encouraged by the passion, determination, and understanding of our team.

Presenting our best

We aim to demonstrate ethics, transparency, and do the best we can in any certain situation. We approach a job in a creative, passionate manner and try to find exceptional results, every moment.

Proven Result

Committed to your health offers an increased operational ability, toughness, a more positive & favorable mindset and also a more and far more rewarding life span.

Enhance wellness

Our devotion to your fitness will attain between body, mind, soul along with a healthy lifestyle that improves your comprehension of existence, stability, and wellbeing.

To bring you best everyday

Every day is important when it is about your health. We are here bringing you the best way to assist you to face challenges in your journey of wellness.

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