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5 Healthy Summer BBQ Recipe Ideas To Try This Week


I’m all for a classic beef burger, but if you’re trying to go lighter and leaner to hit your health goals this summer, turkey or chicken burgers are great options! With the flavorful combination of these chimichurri jalapeño burgers, you may never want to go back to the classic.

Both ground chicken or turkey will play along beautifully with fresh summer herbs and a touch of jalapeño in this delicious homemade burger recipe. But what really makes this burger shine is the chimichurri mayo.

If you’ve never had chimichurri before, you’re in for a treat. It’s a colorful and flavorful sauce that adds so much to meat dishes. This chimichurri is a beautiful addition to grilled steaks or chicken in the summer but mixed with mayo, and it makes a unique topping for a burger that will wow both you and your guests.

I topped my burger with Havarti cheese, guacamole, chimichurri mayo, and arugula; but this burger would also be great with red onion, tomato, mixed greens, or jalapeño or poblano peppers blistered on the grill. As always, make this burger your own!

Biting into this juicy, mouthwatering burger is like taking a straight bite of summer. These burgers are fresh and flavorful, light and satisfying, and sure to be the star of the show at your summer gatherings and BBQ this year.

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